Saturday, April 18, 2009

Let's Ram It!

After picking up a copy of Let's Ram It! at Rasputin Records from the dollar section, I've had this bizarre fascination with 80s sports team songs.  While scouring the Internet , I came across the Baseball Boogie, courtesy of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Just Say No, performed by the Los Angeles Lakers.  I don't know if nostalgia is the right word, or if I simply enjoy the humiliating self-parodies, but I can't help but wish that instead of listening to Shaquille O'Neal or Ron Artest rapping I could be witnessing some of the greatest dance moves in sports history.
            Click on the links to view the video.

Friday, April 17, 2009

clink clank klonk
for who would believe those sounds?
you say, "two is one"
and as you whirl not one but five times,
I'm led to believe you, 
to see you not as two by two,
but Five by Five.
follow your own Sphere to uncharted 
galaxies, worlds of midnight, 
epistrophical journeys, and I will
lag behind forever, 
like the tail of a comet--
a fleeting glimpse and then fade into eternity.
it's not the hat on the man, but the man
who wears the hat. can 
anyone understand that
clink clank clonk?
-Justin Bolois