Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pretty Purdie

Bernard Purdie is a walking midi-pad: you can bet that in some studio,
garage, or bedroom, the supple and agile tappings of trigger pads
belonging to fellow Beat Junkies 'cross the nation are activating
some independent member of Purdie's body, whether it be his hi-hat,
tom, snare or a combination of the three forming his infamous
"Shuffle Beat." Recognized as the most sampled drummer in the
world, Purdie is a prolific drummer in his own right whose resume
covers the scope of the musical genres: Miles Davis on Bitches Brew,
HAIR the musical, Joe Cocker, Aretha Franklin, and Lou Donaldson.
I came across the above video while visiting Cratekings.com and
cried from laughing. His delivery, quirky pausing, dramatic "ooh's",
and supreme self-confidence concocted an almost caricature of the
man himself. And although it is admittedly funny, you have to agree
that there's something sincere and endearing about him. Here is a
guy who loves music so much that he gets off to his own playing. You
see pure ecstasy in his facial expressions and grimaces. That sort of
passion and love for what you do is contagious, and in my mind, is the
most attractive quality a person can possess. If you're interested
HERE is an article from the NY Times.