Friday, June 12, 2009

Wu Tang Design Remix Project

As a Blue Note enthusiast, I cannot help but gush with excitement at Logan Walker's re-conceptualization of Wu-Tang Clan Albums in homage of Blue Note Records' artistic vision.  Besides being the juggernaut of the most prized jazz recordings, spanning from the early '40s until the mid '70s,  Blue Note also revolutionized the idea of an album cover and its marriage to the music, thanks to contributions from Reid Miles and Francis Wolff.  These two men transformed the album cover into a piece of artwork, something that stood on its own to translate be-bop sentiments into a visual form.   Reid Miles' choice of colors, tone, font, and graphic design provide the foundation of the Blue Note aesthetic, that sense of modernity & motion clashing in a world steeped in tradition.  Wolff, on the other hand, was an incredible photographer, able to capture the power and energy of hard-bop drummer Art Blakey while also having the ability to materialize John Coltrane's musical piety and wonderment.  Admiring Logan's recreations reminds me that their work still has an identifiable presence, yet at the same it also points out the current, diminished role of the album cover.  For more Wu-Tang pictures, click here.

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